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Parking Permit Stickers and Towing

We have had only 5 homeowners who were approved for Parking Permits actually come into the Office to pay for and pick up their Permit stickers. Another 12-14  were sent their Approval letter almost 2 weeks ago and have not been in to pay and pick up their stickers.

We have given ample warnings since 2014 and will do one final warning for those vehicles which continually abuse the visitor lots. Starting in September, we will tow those vehicles which do not have a visible parking permit and/or violate the parking policy for the Visitor Lots.  This is what will be placed on offending vehicles:

This vehicle is parked on the Private Property of the Grand Prairie Mountain Creek HOA, Inc. (the Association) and is in a Visitor Parking Only lot. Unless you are an actual Visitor to the property, you are not authorized to park in this lot.

The Association has sent out notices since April 2014 advising all homeowners/residents that their cars will be towed if they park their vehicles in the Visitor Parking Only lots. Signs are also posted in this regard.

This will be your final warning. Continuing to park your vehicle(s) in visitor parking will result in towing at your expense.



Deadlines Approaching

Just a reminder to everyone, July 31st is the last day to apply for a Visitor Parking Permit and also for getting your Pool Pass.

  • On Saturday, August 1st, no one can enter the pool area without a Pool Pass. Pool Passes are limited to 5 persons per pass.
  • Also beginning in August, we will begin tagging and towing cars that are parked in Visitors Lots that belong to homeowners. We still have around 15 Applications available for the remaining Visitor Permits.

New Visitor Parking Program

At the regular June 4th and special June 18th Board meetings, the Board voted to approve a modification to our Visitor Parking rules. No, the original rules that have been in place for decades have not changed, meaning Visitor Parking areas are still solely for Visitors to the subdivision. In the last 3 Notices that were sent out to all property addresses, the Visitor Parking rules were once again detailed and yet many of our homeowners and their tenants have chosen to not follow them.

The Board of Directors approved a program which will allow a VERY limited number (37) of our visitor parking spots to be rented out to residents. The main details have been finalized and we will be selecting a committee to oversee the process, headed by a Board member.  We are sending out notices to all property owners within the next week detailing this program, its restrictions, implementation, and enforcement. We will use an identifier on approved vehicles, but all this approved parking identification will accomplish is prevent that one approved vehicle from being towed out of the Visitor Lots. Any unapproved vehicle in any Visitor Parking lot still bears the same risk of towing, per our long-established Parking rules.

The only parking spaces that any homeowner has a right to use are the two spaces in the carport on your property. Paying your dues, your taxes or other excuses made when confronted about abusing the visitor parking lots will not change the rules that exist.

Make no mistake, we WILL tow your vehicle(s) if you violate our parking rules. Failure to follow Board approved rules or regulations also violates our Declaration and can result in fines or other actions.

To refresh yourself on our Parking rules, here’s the link.

Visitor Parking and Fire Lanes – A Reminder

I went to the Office today and saw a pickup truck and trailer taking up all 4 Visitor Parking spots on the East side of the complex. This is but one recent example, many others have occurred in the past few months.  So, I drove over there and had a look.  There was a handwritten sign on the passenger window:


Owning a home and paying your dues does not let you park where ever you want.  To refresh our memories, the Parking Rules for this Subdivision are below:

Parking Rules & Regulations

1. No parking in designated fire lanes.
2. No parking on any grassy area designated as either Easement or Common Area.
3. Visitors Lots

a. 48 hour parking limit.
b. no boats or recreational vehicles may be stored in these lots.
c. no tractors or trailers may be parked in these lots.
d. no inoperative vehicles may be parked in these lots
(this includes expired inspection stickers and expired license plates)
e. no over-hauling of vehicles
f. Visitors Lots are for the use of Visitors – not Owners or Tenants

Our current Towing policy is to tag the offending vehicle first and give the violator sufficient time (24 hours, except for Fire Lane violations) to remedy the situation. However, if the violator does not remedy the violation within that time frame, the vehicle will be towed at the owners expense.  The tow drivers will document everything with pictures in the event the tow is challenged.

Fire Lane violations will have a very small window of time to move their vehicles or they will get towed. We have instructed the tow drivers to give around 15-20 minutes for those unloading cars or helping a loved one inside.  The Association has spent time and money to re-stripe the streets and have bought signs to go up on fences indicating that it is a Fire Lane/Tow Away Zone.