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Loose Dogs in Common Area

We still have residents who allow their dogs to wander the common areas off leash and at large and who do not pick up after them.  As a reminder to all, Grand Prairie City Codes require that all dogs are on a leash and under control at all times, no matter the size the dog.  You are also required to clean up after your dog(s) per Grand Prairie City Ordinances and HOA rules. We have invested in several Pet Sanitation Stations around the subdivision, please use them. If none are in your area, use a grocery bag to pick it up and throw it in your garbage.

If you see someone who constantly allows their pets to defecate in our common areas or who allow their dogs to wander the common areas off leash, please report them to GP Animal Control. We have had several instances of pets being attacked or killed by these loose dogs. We have ‘Affidavits of Fact’ in the Office that you can fill out, have notarized and take to GP Animal Control; they will then issue a citation to the animal’s owner(s) as if they saw it happen.

More Common Area Damages

Why people think they can just drive across our common areas make no sense to me. The damage cause by this vehicle will require an expense on the part of the Association and each of its members. Why more residents here are not totally outraged about damages to our association property also make no sense. Someone had to see who did this. That person needs to pay to fix this!

Between W Mountain Creek Drive and West Creek. It’s easy to see what their destination.
Another area where this vehicle got stuck in our common area.
This vehicle drove across the common area with it soaked and muddy.

More Vandalism

We had another incident of vandalism on the West side, specifically on West Creek. We had a game camera located part way along the fence so we can see who keeps running into and damaging the new fence.  Sometime earlier this week, someone took what appears to be a hammer or heavy bar to it and caused a lot of damage to the metal security box around the camera.

This metal box did its job, the camera still works, although a bit worse for wear and we do have some rather good pictures of people who seemed interested in the camera’s location.  We will have to purchase another metal security box for this camera and we will relocate it where it is much less accessible.

Here is what they did:

Camera Damage 2 Camera Damage

More Easement Damage

When we were out picking up trash this morning, I noticed a large number of ruts along the easements on the East side. I had thought that people couldn’t see the street because of the snow last week. But, what it turned out to be after later inspection, it’s the USPS letter carrier driving along and putting mail into mail boxes, like he was running a rural delivery route.

There is a LOT of damage to our easements, and I am taking this up with the local Postmaster. If anyone sees someone driving on our common areas or easements, please call the Office.

Again, Why do people do this??

One thing certain when the snow falls, it leaves really good tracks when people drive over it.  It would be somewhat understandable if this person did not know the property well; but, these are repeats of tracks made when there was no snow and when it was readily apparent that they were driving across the common area. There is no excuse for this, other than whoever is doing this doesn’t care. This individual ended up on West MC Drive, near where it joins West Creek. Whomever this is, they need to confine their driving to the streets, not the grassy common areas.

Snow tracks

Why Do People Do This????


Someone drove the entire length of East Mountain Creek Drive, and stopped in front of #32.


Just a reminder: The grass is not for driving on. That’s why we have streets.  There is absolutely no acceptable reason  for someone to damage Association owned property like this; none at all.

Judging by the trash in our Visitor lots and strewn about the area, no one cares what this place looks like. Trash is bad enough, but damage to our common areas is disrespectful and illegal.

Now we have to spend money to fix this as well as the other 5 or 6 places people decided to cut across the grass. If you see someone driving on the grass, get a description of the vehicle, the license plate, and please call the Office. We need to prosecute those responsible for tearing up our common areas.




City ROW and Delivery Trucks

There are a few things we wanted to bring to the attention of our residents which recently occurred.

  • The City of Grand Prairie had what appears to be a subcontractor mow the city’s Right of Way (ROA) on both sides of Belt Line Road last Friday, August 15th .  Our landscaping crew told me the following day that the City crew had scalped both sides of the road and that you could easily tell where they mowed and where our landscaping contractor mowed on Saturday. I do plan on talking with the City about this but they may now agree to raise their mower decks; they may be cutting the grass close to reduce the amount of mows they have to do this year in an effort to reduce their costs.
  • On Saturday, we had a delivery truck from the local Rent-a-Center drive on our grass/common area while attempting to deliver to the front door of the home. I heard the backup alarm and went to investigate. And there sat a RAC truck, having purposefully driven around 4 posts placed to stop people from driving on the grass. I told the driver that he had to move the vehicle immediately and told him of a previous RAC truck that got stuck in the same common area and had to be pulled out by a tow truck.

They then decided they could deliver to the rear of the home, using the street; why they didn’t do this to begin with is anyone’s guess.  I will be calling their district offices regarding this matter.