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Landscaping, Turtles, Littering and Unleashed Dogs

  • Landscaping – Due to the torrential rains of late  and more on the way, we will not be mowing until the ground dries up sufficiently to not cause damage; as it is now, water is standing all over and it makes little sense to mow mud. The landscaping crew was out today trimming shrubs.
  • Turtles – As odd as it sounds, we have seen a few turtles lately.  Earlier today, there was a decently sized Snapping Turtle found near Warrior and the cemetery; this afternoon, there was a Box Turtle in front of the Office. We relocated both to the creel in the West woods.
  • Littering – We still have a big problem with people throwing trash in the parking lots, as they drive through the property, and also as kids walk home they drop trash. I can see a better use for our time and personnel than to pick up after others. Please dispose of trash properly.
  • Unleashed Dogs – We still have a number of residents who allow their dogs off-leash. This is a violation of our rules and City Ordinances. We also have too many dogs getting out of their yards and wandering around. Some of these dogs are large and powerful and could easily injury a child or older resident. We will be getting Animal Control involved since the owners of these dogs just don’t seem to understand why this is important.

Landscaping Schedule

Beginning April 6th, Metroscape will be coming out each week on Monday. This schedule will continue through the growing season.

There will be a “Weed and Feed” done this month, to help the grass and cut back on the weeds. We are also going to distribute more grass seed and continue to treat the fire ant mounds.

West Mountain Creek Drive and the TRA

We had a visit by a Jet Truck owned by the Trinity River Authority and here is the aftermath. They were accessing one of their manholes that leads to the primary sewer lines, which they take care of on a regular basis. The problem here is the ground was wet and their truck was heavy.

I have contacted them to see if they will come take care of this, but there are no guarantees. I am posting this so you know what happened.  Their manhole is marked by the pole and sign in the background of this photo.


TRA tracks


Brazen Theft of MetroScape’s Equipment Today

Sometime between 11 AM and 12 Noon, someone cut off 2 padlocks from a compartment on one of the two MetroScape trailers and stole 3 leaf blowers and 2 string trimmers. This was done in broad daylight just to the South of the Office, under the tree near the corner of West Mountain.

This theft amounts to about $5,000 in equipment lost by our landscaping contractor. If you saw something, please call the Office