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UPDATE: Another Delay in Water Line Repairs on the East Side

The plumbers came out today and mentioned that the broken gate valve before the meter was the City’s responsibility. So, we called the City, they sent someone out to look at it, and the Repair crew will be back out sometime on Friday to repair the broken valve and to replace piping up to their side of the water meter.

Our maintenance guys will come out on Saturday to replace the leaking part which is after the meter; they will be less expensive than having a plumber come out over the weekend.

We are not certain when the water will be shut off tomorrow when the City does repairs and this will affect a large number of homes. On Saturday, our guys will get started around 8AM, but these repairs will only affect a row of homes. We will have the water back on as soon as possible.

Water Repairs Delayed

Once we dug into the area around the leak on the east side and tried to shut off the water, the top part of the gate valve (where the “handle part” is) sheared off.  So, we cannot shut off the water with that valve and it must also be replaced. It may not have been shut off in the last 40 years so I am betting it seized up. We do have plumbers coming tomorrow morning.

The main issue now is that we have to go back to the city shut-off valve to shut off the water so we can fix our shut-off valve. This means most of the East side of the complex near 14th and East Townhouse and E Mountain will be without water for part of tomorrow.

We will be putting out more notices on affected townhouses today.