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Just a Reminder

There have been a few instances of structures being added within the back yards of homes on both the East and West sides.  They were put up without permission and as such, the Association can cause their removal. Before anyone adds any structures on their lots that were not there when you bought your property, please read below which is from our Declaration:


7.1 General. No structure shall be placed, erected, or installed upon any Lot, and no improvements (including staking, clearing, excavation, grading and other site work, exterior alteration of existing improvements, and planting or removal of landscaping materials) shall take place except in compliance with this Article and the Design Guidelines and upon approval of the Architectural Review Committee as required herein.

Any Owner may remodel, paint or redecorate the interior of structures on his Lot without approval. No approval shall be required to rebuild in accordance with originally approved plans and specifications.

All dwellings constructed on any portion of the Properties shall be designed by and built in accordance with the plans and specifications of a licensed architect or licensed building designer. This Article shall not apply to improvements to the Common Property by or on behalf of the Association.

More on the West Townhouse Illegal Dumping

After contacting the GP Illegal Dumping and talking with Mr. Graves from Code Enforcement over the past few days, he was able to locate the individuals who dumped near 47 West Townhouse Lane.  We were able to provide 4-5 minutes of surveillance video provided by a resident that clearly showed these 2 individuals, their vehicle, and their dog. The story I heard was they borrowed the F-150 from one of the guy’s brother and he was contacted by GP Dumping, based on license plate information. He in turn pointed to the guys who used the vehicle to move, and they were contacted.

These 2 individuals came back out today to remove the dumped items. I would guess the City Code Enforcement officer admonished them both and put them on notice that any further dumping will put them at the top of the list of suspects. We think they might have been the same people who dumped some tree limbs late last year near the creek next to the cemetery.

Any homeowner who observes people dumping on our property should call the Office at the number listed above.

Required “Cost to Replace” Homeowners Insurance

As most of our homeowners are now aware, the HOA’s Declaration (CC&R) requires proof that you have a “cost to replace” policy on your home. This level of insurance has been a requirement of our Declaration since this subdivision came into being in 1970 or 1971.  To date, about 75% of our 416 homeowners have responded and provided the documents requested.  We did sent out Warning letters on January 2nd to those who have not provided requisite documentation and giving them 15 days within which to provide it. Last week, we started sending out certified letters to some of these individuals indicating they will be fined, per our Fines and Enforcement Policy, for not providing this information as required by our Declaration. Some throw out these Warning notices, which does not change the fact that they were sent out.

Just to be clear, Renters Insurance and Condominium Insurance does not meet the requirements.  Actual cash value insurance is also inadequate. Homeowners must have full replacement coverage for the dwelling itself.

We will be sending out another group of certified Fine letters to the those homeowners who have still not provided the documents which have been requested more than 3 times.



Continued Trash Violations

We still have several homeowners/residents who repeatedly put their trash before the scheduled pick up days of Monday and Thursday. For example, several people put out their trash on Friday for the Monday pickup. Over the next few days, stray animals and the local wildlife spread trash all over the place and create both an eye sore and sanitation/health issues.

And, it’s not like people can say they do not know when trash is picked up; we sent out 416 notices, one to each and every property within this 22 acre subdivision.  In this Notice, we told residents that repeated violations will result in fines.

Some people who received subsequent letters containing Warnings of a Violation of our Bylaws and Declaration have chosen to continue putting out the trash days before the scheduled pickups.

So, we will be sending out Certified Letters to the repeat offenders next week (after the 15 days given to cure the violations). While we had rather not resort to fining our homeowners and residents, I see no other choice.



Violation Warning Letters

After conferring with our attorney, Jeff Lacy, we had to rethink how to best accomplish the implementation of the recent Fines and Enforcement Policy. Once we checked into things we needed to send a Warning letter out first and then follow it with the statutory letter.

When we do send out the statutory letter by Certified Mail and First Class Mail, the recipient will have 30 days from the receipt of the letter to schedule a hearing before the Board; if no hearing is scheduled, the fines begin.

I wish there was another way to get people to follow the rules that have been around for over 40 years. Perhaps this will get their attention.

For more information on the Fines and Enforcement Policy, click here.