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Tree Trimming on Warrior

We had S&P Tree Service trim and thin out the trees along Warrior, and they look so much better.  We will continue to get our trees worked on until we get them into better shape.

We would still like to get several groups of homeowners together to take advantage of the package deal we have been offered, for a days worth of tree work. There are many trees in our back yards need some work.  If any of you would be interested, please contact the Office.

Warrior Trees 1
Looking North from E. Mountain Creek Court
Warrior Trees 2
In front of the 80’s on E. Mountain Creek Court


Recent Landscaping and Tree Trimming

We had our first of 2 annual applications of Organic Fertilizer this week, primarily in hopes the recent rains would help get it into the roots and begin the process of choking off all of the weeds.  There will be another application this Fall.

In the past few months, we have spread about 300 pounds of Bermuda grass seed on both sides of the subdivision and more will be spread as needed to fill in. Plus, there is some St. Augustine grass in many areas that is spreading out very well.  Our ultimate goal is to have more grass than weeds, something worth mowing. Our new landscaping contractor, Metroscape, will raise the mower decks and leave the grass a bit longer to prevent loss of moisture, something they normally do in Summer.

We did get a few calls at the Office asking what that stuff was on the sidewalks. Due to the size of the HOA (22 acres), the subcontractor hired to apply the fertilizer used a full size turf tractor and a rather large spreader; this is why the stuff ended up in places which did not necessarily need fertilizer.


We had some trees trimmed this week and have more scheduled for next week.  The huge tree just South of the Office had a lot of excess weight on it and we were concerned of large branches falling eventually, so it got a trim. The Certified Arborist from the tree service wanted to remove it entirely, but we opted for a thinning out. It may need to be removed in a few years, but for now, it will remain.

We will be trimming and thinning out the trees around the Pool, on days the Pool is closed (Monday and Thursday). Below is a photo of the Pool trees (click on it to enlarge). Our plans are to thin them out so we can get some grass to grow around the Pool deck and stop the dirt from washing into the Pool when it rains.  This has been partially accomplished by adding in some St. Augustine sod, but it needs light to grow and spread out.

Pool Trees 1
Overgrown Tress around the Pool


There is a Bradford Pear tree in Common Area next to the Pool fence (far right in front of 26 W. Townhouse) which the Arborist also suggested to remove completely. He said these type of trees are prone for limbs breaking off and since it is in Common area, it is the Association’s responsibility if it damages a home or injures someone. We have opted to have it thinned and topped off instead of removal. We will have the tree service check it periodically and follow his advice if things change.

Oak Tree East
Oak Tree next to Shop Office


This Oak tree will be thinned, shaped and topped off, something it really needs. We do plan on having additional trees trimmed around the subdivision, as some look like they have never been touched.

We are using SP Tree Service, located here in Grand Prairie, and are getting a reduced price since we are local to them and they want our business. We can certainly keep them busy trimming trees for a few months and we will be spacing things out throughout the Fall.  Compared to other dealings I have had in the past with tree services, they are highly competitive.

Any homeowner wanting a free estimate for trimming or removing a tree in your back yard (which some homeowners really need to get done) can contact them thus:

PHONE 469-789-6775
Tree Service | Tree Trimming | Tree Removal | Stump Removal | FREE ESTIMATES


Mention that you live in the GPMCHA subdivision

They have offered to give us a group rate if we can get enough homeowners wanting tree services so they can do several homes in one trip.

Spring Planting Has Begun!!

We started planting shrubs today around the subdivision but have a way to go yet. Our plans are to first replant or replenish in front of homes with no shrubs at all and work our way into filling in blank spaces and replacing dead shrubs. This is the first of 2 plantings in 2014, another will follow this Fall.

Around 70 shrubs were planted today and more will be planted on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. Our trees (20) arrive on Wednesday and we will shift to getting them into the ground and then go back to shrubs.

We ask all homeowners to please water the new shrubs, trees and flowers on a weekly basis to protect our investment in making our complex look nicer.