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More Shrubs Purchased

We have bought our second batch of shrubs today, duplicating the type and quantity of what we bought a few weeks ago. We got 20 of the Red Tip Photinia, 10 Golden Euonymous and 10 Japanese Boxwood. We also got 2 Oleanders to replace the ones removed by the large water leak on West Mountain Creek Drive.

We will be planting these in front of houses which have few or no shrubs. We do plan on continuing to fill in the front beds a little at a time, but we do ask all residents to make sure their shrubs are watered regularly.


Trees, Grass and Watering

We ask our residents to please water the recently planted trees and the grass in the common area in the front and rear of your property.  No rain is forecast for many weeks and we need to protect the money we have invested in trees and the 500-600 pounds of grass seed we have sown around the subdivision. The water used to keep the trees and plants alive is part of your HOA dues, you will pay nothing extra.

As a reminder, here is the watering schedule from Grand Prairie:  (the first three restrictions apply to sprinklers)

Current Water Restrictions

The following restrictions are in effect in the city of Grand Prairie: 

  • No watering on Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday.
  • Even Numbered addresses may water on Mondays and Thursdays.
  • Odd numbered addresses may water on Tuesday and Fridays.
  • Handheld and soaker hoses are allowed to be used any time.

*The following restrictions also apply at all times:

  • Residents and business are prohibited from watering their lawns anytime between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.
  • When watering, a constant stream of water should not be allowed to flow into the street drainage.
  • Watering during precipitation is prohibited. Rain sensors are required on newer watering systems.

Our Upcoming Fall Plantings

Over the next few weeks, depending on the weather, we will be doing our Fall Planting of Shrubs and Trees.  We are under budget, as we got these larger trees at half price.  Most of the 13 trees we bought are more mature than the previous ones, much taller and larger diameters.  Since they are larger, we are having a Dig Test done on the areas of planting to assure that there are no utilities, phone or power lines where we are digging; some of these trees will require 6-7′ diameter holes, about 2-3′ deep.

Due to the size of these trees and the weight of the containers, we will be renting a Bobcat for a few days to move them around the subdivision.

The list of trees and shrubs are:  Pond Cypress (2), Mexican Plum (3), Eastern Redbud (3), Red Shumard Oak (1),  Japanense Boxwood (10), Golden Euonymus (10), Red Tip Photinia (10), and Compacta Nandina (10).

IMG_20141031_101951  IMG_20141031_101707 IMG_20141031_101704 IMG_20141031_101514 IMG_20141031_101452 IMG_20141031_101423 IMG_20141031_101416

Tree Trimming on Warrior

We had S&P Tree Service trim and thin out the trees along Warrior, and they look so much better.  We will continue to get our trees worked on until we get them into better shape.

We would still like to get several groups of homeowners together to take advantage of the package deal we have been offered, for a days worth of tree work. There are many trees in our back yards need some work.  If any of you would be interested, please contact the Office.

Warrior Trees 1
Looking North from E. Mountain Creek Court
Warrior Trees 2
In front of the 80’s on E. Mountain Creek Court


More Tree Trimming and Removals

In recent weeks, we have opted to have several trees removed from our Pool and Common Areas. The decision to cut down and remove these large trees was not made lightly and were based upon the expertise of a certified Arborist, and in whose opinion these trees posed a liability to the Association. We must address imminent liabilities when we are informed of them. With the wind storms we have experienced in the past few years, it is not a far-fetched scenario that limbs could fall.

Last week, the large tree near the Gazebo/Pergola on the east side was removed. Many people have asked why this was done and here is our response; this tree was very overgrown and there was an exorbitant amount of weight hanging off either side and in such a way as it could not be trimmed or thinned enough to limit the possibility that it could split and fall on someone or their home.  So, we opted to have it removed.

This is also true of the tree in front of the 2 story homes on East Creek; this tree is rotten, unstable and poses a liability to the Association. It will be removed tomorrow as well as more trimming on the trees on Warrior Trail.

Our plans are to replace these two recently removed trees this fall but we will not plant them so near to homes this time.  We will locate them near the Gazebo/Pergola, in the large open area.

There will likely be additional tree trimming going on for a while; there are many trees here that need attention, especially those in homeowner’s back yards and which are the homeowner’s responsibility.


More Photos of Trees, Shrubs and Flowers

We are continuing to plant around the complex; today we got the 3 Chinese Pistache trees planted, they were the largest among the recently acquired trees.  In addition, some flowers were added in front of the Office, and some shrubs on the row of townhouses just South of the Office.

We hope to have all shrubs and trees planted by the end of next week and may get more shrubs and trees as needed to fill in the empty spots and replace the dead shrubs.  The Fall planting is still on the schedule.

Flowers on North side of the Office (Periwinkle Vinca)
Flowers on South side of Office (Periwinkle Vinca)
Purple Sage bushes behind the Office
Chinese Pistache trees behind the Office

New Plants in the Office

Part of the Spring planting was to get something into the 2 built-in planters in the Office, instead of just old dirt.  It took a while to clean them out and re-line them with plastic sheeting; the dirt in them was apparently original (40 years ago) and was like concrete. They have since been filled with potting soil, mulch and a layer of redwood bark over the top to hold in moisture. Here are a few photos; you can see them in person at the next Board meeting on June 5th.

















Spring Planting Has Begun!!

We started planting shrubs today around the subdivision but have a way to go yet. Our plans are to first replant or replenish in front of homes with no shrubs at all and work our way into filling in blank spaces and replacing dead shrubs. This is the first of 2 plantings in 2014, another will follow this Fall.

Around 70 shrubs were planted today and more will be planted on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. Our trees (20) arrive on Wednesday and we will shift to getting them into the ground and then go back to shrubs.

We ask all homeowners to please water the new shrubs, trees and flowers on a weekly basis to protect our investment in making our complex look nicer.