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Pool Maintenance

In case some were wondering why we drained the pool, we had an algae problem that required us to pressure wash the sides and bottom of the pool.  It is almost refilled as of this afternoon.  We will likely be covering it next week to keep the leaves out; they tend to plug up the skimmers.

Deadlines Approaching

Just a reminder to everyone, July 31st is the last day to apply for a Visitor Parking Permit and also for getting your Pool Pass.

  • On Saturday, August 1st, no one can enter the pool area without a Pool Pass. Pool Passes are limited to 5 persons per pass.
  • Also beginning in August, we will begin tagging and towing cars that are parked in Visitors Lots that belong to homeowners. We still have around 15 Applications available for the remaining Visitor Permits.

Pool Rules, a Reminder

Anyone arguing with a pool monitor or any other GPMCHA employee about pool rules will be asked to leave the pool area. We will ban individuals who cause disturbances of any kind.

We will also be checking addresses and making sure that people who try to use the pool actually live here or are guests of a resident. We have had a lot of people using our pool who do not live here; this is a Private Pool paid for by HOA dues.

If you are allowing your guest(s) to use the pool, you need to come to the pool with them.  There is a maximum of 4 guests allowed per property.




Pool Schedule Has Changed

Beginning today, June 9th, 2015, we are changing the Pool schedule.  The Pool is open from 11 AM to 9 PM on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.  Pool is closed on Monday and Thursday for chemical additions and other maintenance.

Sundays hours will remain 12 Noon to 8 PM.

No one under 18 year of age is allowed within the Pool area without Adult supervision. No Exceptions !!


Pool Opening Postponed

We had intended to open the Pool this weekend (May 16th), but the current weather forecasts are for continued thunderstorms though next week. We cannot open the Pool if there is any lightning locally.  We will shoot for opening on Memorial Day weekend, as usual, and will let you know if things change.