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Deadlines Approaching

Just a reminder to everyone, July 31st is the last day to apply for a Visitor Parking Permit and also for getting your Pool Pass.

  • On Saturday, August 1st, no one can enter the pool area without a Pool Pass. Pool Passes are limited to 5 persons per pass.
  • Also beginning in August, we will begin tagging and towing cars that are parked in Visitors Lots that belong to homeowners. We still have around 15 Applications available for the remaining Visitor Permits.

Just a Reminder

There have been a few instances of structures being added within the back yards of homes on both the East and West sides.  They were put up without permission and as such, the Association can cause their removal. Before anyone adds any structures on their lots that were not there when you bought your property, please read below which is from our Declaration:


7.1 General. No structure shall be placed, erected, or installed upon any Lot, and no improvements (including staking, clearing, excavation, grading and other site work, exterior alteration of existing improvements, and planting or removal of landscaping materials) shall take place except in compliance with this Article and the Design Guidelines and upon approval of the Architectural Review Committee as required herein.

Any Owner may remodel, paint or redecorate the interior of structures on his Lot without approval. No approval shall be required to rebuild in accordance with originally approved plans and specifications.

All dwellings constructed on any portion of the Properties shall be designed by and built in accordance with the plans and specifications of a licensed architect or licensed building designer. This Article shall not apply to improvements to the Common Property by or on behalf of the Association.