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Trash Pickup Changes

For the next few months, we will be using a subcontractor to pick up our trash. This will allow us to continue using our personnel to do necessary home repairs and finish the 2015 painting schedule as soon as possible.

This will start today, July 9th.  Trash pickup days will not change, just who is picking up trash.

We will still be sending out warning to those who do not properly tie trash bags, put broken glass into trash bags and who do not close up boxes properly.

Landscaping, Turtles, Littering and Unleashed Dogs

  • Landscaping – Due to the torrential rains of late  and more on the way, we will not be mowing until the ground dries up sufficiently to not cause damage; as it is now, water is standing all over and it makes little sense to mow mud. The landscaping crew was out today trimming shrubs.
  • Turtles – As odd as it sounds, we have seen a few turtles lately.  Earlier today, there was a decently sized Snapping Turtle found near Warrior and the cemetery; this afternoon, there was a Box Turtle in front of the Office. We relocated both to the creel in the West woods.
  • Littering – We still have a big problem with people throwing trash in the parking lots, as they drive through the property, and also as kids walk home they drop trash. I can see a better use for our time and personnel than to pick up after others. Please dispose of trash properly.
  • Unleashed Dogs – We still have a number of residents who allow their dogs off-leash. This is a violation of our rules and City Ordinances. We also have too many dogs getting out of their yards and wandering around. Some of these dogs are large and powerful and could easily injury a child or older resident. We will be getting Animal Control involved since the owners of these dogs just don’t seem to understand why this is important.

Holiday Trash Pickup and Office Window Installation

With Monday, September 1st, being a holiday we will not be picking up trash. We will do trash pickup the following day, Tuesday, September 2nd. Please do not put your trash out on Monday.

In addition, the installation of the Thermal Windows in the Office will be starting on September 2nd. The Office will be rather busy as the windows are changed out, so please pardon the mess until the installation is completed.

Continued Trash Violations

We still have several homeowners/residents who repeatedly put their trash before the scheduled pick up days of Monday and Thursday. For example, several people put out their trash on Friday for the Monday pickup. Over the next few days, stray animals and the local wildlife spread trash all over the place and create both an eye sore and sanitation/health issues.

And, it’s not like people can say they do not know when trash is picked up; we sent out 416 notices, one to each and every property within this 22 acre subdivision.  In this Notice, we told residents that repeated violations will result in fines.

Some people who received subsequent letters containing Warnings of a Violation of our Bylaws and Declaration have chosen to continue putting out the trash days before the scheduled pickups.

So, we will be sending out Certified Letters to the repeat offenders next week (after the 15 days given to cure the violations). While we had rather not resort to fining our homeowners and residents, I see no other choice.