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The Office Will Be Closed

We are currently organizing the required information for our Audit of 2014.  We need to get this information gathered and available to the CPA as soon as possible. In order to accomplish this, we need to reduce distractions and interruptions to this process. In an effort to fulfill this task in an expedient manner, the Office will be closed on March 2 and will reopen on March 5th.  If we get the Auditor’s requests done earlier, we will notify you.

Please place your March assessments in the drop box located to the left of the front door. The front door will remain locked to prevent interruptions. We will continue with work orders as presented and if you have an emergency such as a backed up sewer or a water leak in common areas, call the Emergency phone number. We will listen to messages left on the Office phone as time permits during the day.

Thank you for your understanding as we complete the 2014 Audit.



Changes Coming in September

The installation of our new Thermal Windows in the Office will begin around the first week of September. They will be installed in stages, with the front area done first, then the rear, and then the upper windows. If something changes, we will advise.

Secondly, the landscaping company, Metroscape, will begin mowing on Mondays beginning in September and will phase out Saturdays. They may need to do some adjustments to maintain continuity,

New Plants in the Office

Part of the Spring planting was to get something into the 2 built-in planters in the Office, instead of just old dirt.  It took a while to clean them out and re-line them with plastic sheeting; the dirt in them was apparently original (40 years ago) and was like concrete. They have since been filled with potting soil, mulch and a layer of redwood bark over the top to hold in moisture. Here are a few photos; you can see them in person at the next Board meeting on June 5th.

















Our New Office Person

We have a new office person starting Tuesday, March 25th; her name is Terry Wilkerson and Mr. Wylie, our CPA, thinks highly of her from what I have been told by Robert.

All applicants for the Office position were tested for their proficiency in accounting and with QuickBooks, our accounting software; those who did not pass the CPA’s requirements and skill tests were not advanced to the next level of consideration.

Please join us in welcoming Ms. Wilkerson to our HOA.