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Continued Trash Violations

We still have several homeowners/residents who repeatedly put their trash before the scheduled pick up days of Monday and Thursday. For example, several people put out their trash on Friday for the Monday pickup. Over the next few days, stray animals and the local wildlife spread trash all over the place and create both an eye sore and sanitation/health issues.

And, it’s not like people can say they do not know when trash is picked up; we sent out 416 notices, one to each and every property within this 22 acre subdivision.  In this Notice, we told residents that repeated violations will result in fines.

Some people who received subsequent letters containing Warnings of a Violation of our Bylaws and Declaration have chosen to continue putting out the trash days before the scheduled pickups.

So, we will be sending out Certified Letters to the repeat offenders next week (after the 15 days given to cure the violations). While we had rather not resort to fining our homeowners and residents, I see no other choice.



June 2014 Notice to Homeowners

We will be posting a 1 page Notice on each and every homeowner’s property so that we all understand the rules and to give everyone the opportunity to correct problems before things escalate.  This precedes sending out actual “Notice of Violation” letters and the possible levying of fines as allowed by our Bylaws which state:  In addition to such other rights as are specifically granted under the Declaration, the Board shall have the power to impose reasonable fines, which shall constitute a lien upon the Lot of the violator.

If you do happen get a written Notice of Violation, you can find all of the details related to it in our Bylaws, Page 8, Section 20.

Here is a link to the June 2014 Notices going out to all homeowners>  Notice Items June 2014

April 10th Meeting

At the April 10th Special Board Meeting, the following Resolutions were unanimously accepted by the Board:

  • Adopting Third Amended Bylaws of GPMCHA, Inc.
  • Adopting Second Amended Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R)
  • Adopting Payment Plan Guidelines and Application of Payments
  • Adopting Record retention and Destruction Policy

These newly Amended Bylaws and CC&R have been placed in the “Governing Documents” section in the menu, above.