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More on the West Townhouse Illegal Dumping

After contacting the GP Illegal Dumping and talking with Mr. Graves from Code Enforcement over the past few days, he was able to locate the individuals who dumped near 47 West Townhouse Lane.  We were able to provide 4-5 minutes of surveillance video provided by a resident that clearly showed these 2 individuals, their vehicle, and their dog. The story I heard was they borrowed the F-150 from one of the guy’s brother and he was contacted by GP Dumping, based on license plate information. He in turn pointed to the guys who used the vehicle to move, and they were contacted.

These 2 individuals came back out today to remove the dumped items. I would guess the City Code Enforcement officer admonished them both and put them on notice that any further dumping will put them at the top of the list of suspects. We think they might have been the same people who dumped some tree limbs late last year near the creek next to the cemetery.

Any homeowner who observes people dumping on our property should call the Office at the number listed above.

Illegal Dumping on the West Side, Again

Dump site

We have what appears to be a repeat of recent illegal dumping, and perhaps the same individual doing it.  It was reported to the City Code Enforcement office and they will be out today to have a look at the site. The location of recent dumping is along the woods on West Townhouse Lane. The offending vehicle was a white F-150 pickup, and a resident did get the license plate. According to the city employee we spoke with, the plate comes back to a pickup from the Cedar Hill or Desoto area.

If anyone has surveillance video of the junction of West Townhouse/West Mountain Creek Drive or saw this vehicle dumping on private property, please call the Office.

Illegal Dumping on HOA Property

We have had several instances recently of people dumping along the back of the West side at or near the end of West Townhouse. Last night, someone dumped off a load of junk and were observed doing it. They had a dump bed vehicle and sadly, we did not get their license plate information.

If you see people dumping anything on HOA property or City property, please call the Office and let us know.

We need to put a stop to this and those responsible will be prosecuted.