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Weekend Tree Vandals

This is an old established tree on East Townhouse Lane. Several people witnessed this, and one identified where one boy lived. One witness spoke with them, asking them to not chop on the tree and was assured they were not chopping on the tree. That proved to be a lie, as the photos below would indicate. One person saw them with a hatchet and a large knife.

We are in contact with the landlord’s representative where one boy lives. My understanding is it was 3 boys that did this, about 10-12 years old.

Tailgate Theft

At around 4 AM this morning, and individual stole the tailgate off of the HOA’s 2011 F-250 Super Duty truck.  We know when this was done as it was captured on surveillance.  Based upon how the individual hugged the buildings to avoid the cameras, he knew they were there, which by inference, he either lives here or visits here.

The miscreant carried the stolen tailgate towards East Townhouse Lane, also captured on surveillance. This has been reported to GPPD. We have had reports of tailgates being stolen several years ago, so those residents with pickups, please be aware of this and take the necessary precautions. The easiest way, if your truck has it, is to lock the tailgate handle. If not so equipped, I am told adding in something as simple as a hose clamp over the hinge pins will deter theft. Tailgates are not cheap and finding one to match the truck is next to impossible.

Recent Bicycle Thefts

We have had 2 reports of bicycles being stolen on East Townhouse Lane, a little over a month apart.

One was chained under the carport and the lock was cut off. The latest one was taken from the back yard of the property.

I have notified the Police and asked that they do more patrols in that area.

If you see someone suspicious lurking around,  please call the Police.

We each must take action if we want to stop this.

Trees Damaged on West Side

The two trees shown below were planted about a year ago and are along Belt Line, between West Creek and West MC Drive.  I have noticed for maybe the past 3 months, limbs are being pulled or broken off these young trees and stuck into the ground. This is absolute vandalism of HOA property. I hope someone sees these kids and lets us know.

Those trees cost money and are not there for kids to destroy. They are there to make the property look nice.

Please watch your kids!

Recently, we have had some damages done to HOA property which appear to have been done by kids roaming the property. Here is a brief list:

  • Someone tore the bag dispenser off of one of the pet stations;
  • someone else spray painted the word “Blood” on a street and in several other locations;
  • someone has been stripping the limbs off of our young trees;
  • someone keeps knocking over the round cable box covers;
  • someone keeps taking the covers off of phone boxes

I am sure there is more, but that is all I can think of for now. If you see kids tearing up stuff, stuff that you pay for with your dues, I would hope that you say something to them or at a minimum, see where they live and let us know.

School will be letting out soon and kids will be bored and getting into mischief.

More Damage to West Creek Fence

20161031_074644Once again, someone has caused significant damage to the fence on West Creek Lane. There is no possible way that whoever did this did not notice they hit the fence, or maybe they did know but did not care.

The HOA spent over $7000 putting a new fence along the entire length of West Creek Lane, and it seems some folks want it to look like the old fence that was literally falling down.

This damage happened over the weekend. If you know who did this, please call the Office. They need to pay to have it fixed!

Vandalism To A Townhouse

We drove the property several times following the last storm, and on Thursday picking up trash, and we would certainly have seen this before now.  It seems that sometime last night, a few individuals decided to vandalize a home located at the end of East MC Court and E. MC Drive.

These ne’er-do-wells ripped a piece of material off the property; they then casually broke it into pieces over a parking stop. If any of our residents who frequently use E. Mtn Creek Drive to get to Belt Line Road saw who did this, please let us know. We cannot have people destroying property here without some form of consequences.

Clipboard01 Clipboard02

More Vandalism

We had another incident of vandalism on the West side, specifically on West Creek. We had a game camera located part way along the fence so we can see who keeps running into and damaging the new fence.  Sometime earlier this week, someone took what appears to be a hammer or heavy bar to it and caused a lot of damage to the metal security box around the camera.

This metal box did its job, the camera still works, although a bit worse for wear and we do have some rather good pictures of people who seemed interested in the camera’s location.  We will have to purchase another metal security box for this camera and we will relocate it where it is much less accessible.

Here is what they did:

Camera Damage 2 Camera Damage