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Weekend Tree Vandals

This is an old established tree on East Townhouse Lane. Several people witnessed this, and one identified where one boy lived. One witness spoke with them, asking them to not chop on the tree and was assured they were not chopping on the tree. That proved to be a lie, as the photos below would indicate. One person saw them with a hatchet and a large knife.

We are in contact with the landlord’s representative where one boy lives. My understanding is it was 3 boys that did this, about 10-12 years old.

Dog Feces on Common Property

I was taught to have respect and consideration for other people, including picking up after my dogs.  I have noticed many people walking their dogs on common property and walking away after the dog leaves a present in the grass.

It has gotten totally out of hand and there is a LOT of dog poop on property now.  Kids are out playing and step in it, our guys are mowing and repairs and step in it and unless something happens soon to alleviate this issue, there is a possibility that the Board may limit the areas of common property where dogs are allowed.

There is a property on the West side, facing Belt Line, where you cannot step on the grass without stepping in dog poop. GP Animal Services have been notified.  As a reminder to all:

West Townhouse

Below are photos if the repairs done on West Townhouse following the massive water leak on Monday.

This is the repair done sometime late Monday evening, after the City repaired the 6″ line:

This is the second repair made after they removed the asphalt from Monday:

As you can see from the minimal space to get past this repair,cars/trucks are having to drive over the grass to get through. Problem is, there is a fire hydrant right behind the fence, about a foot from the tire tracks. I have addressed this concern with the City and I am not sure how they will respond to it.

Until the street is properly repaired, the City may block off that section so residents will have to access that end of the street from W Mountain Cree Drive (the double drive). I will keep you advised once I hear more.

Trees Damaged on West Side

The two trees shown below were planted about a year ago and are along Belt Line, between West Creek and West MC Drive.  I have noticed for maybe the past 3 months, limbs are being pulled or broken off these young trees and stuck into the ground. This is absolute vandalism of HOA property. I hope someone sees these kids and lets us know.

Those trees cost money and are not there for kids to destroy. They are there to make the property look nice.

More Damage to West Creek Fence

Below is a photo of the fence the HOA had replaced in late 2014; the old fence to the right was literally falling down.  As you can see, the new fence was perfectly straight, except for the dog-leg to clear equipment. The HOA paid $7,000 for this new fence. Subsequently, we have had the fence repaired a few times after people have backed unto it and caused minor damage.


Click on photo to enlarge

But the damage below looks to be intentional.  It took some level of force to bend the fence post like this, which appears to be at bumper height. As far as the fence is pushed over, it also took some force to do this.   If anyone knows who did this, please call the Office.  Whomever is responsible needs to get this fixed.  We are trying to make our community look better and increase our property values; things like this only bring them down.

While we do not live in Highland Park, there is no reason for residents to cause damage like this.

fence damage 2





Another Tree Cut Down Without Permission

As I was on my way back to the house around 4:40PM today, I saw a pickup truck parked on the grass and loaded with conifer branches. I went to investigate and there was a guy cutting down a Cedar tree located on common property in the front bed of a house.  This tree had been there for 25 years or more and was about 15 feet tall or more.

I asked why he cut down this tree and his reply was that the “real estate agent told him to” do so.  He was just following those instructions. He also mentioned the neighbor also said it was OK; apparently this neighbor did not know that in the front, your property stops at the foundation. Anything beyond the foundation, the flower beds, sidewalk, etc, it Common Property of the HOA. The same is true of the grass area between the rear fences and the street.

Any changes, additions or removals require Board permission; always has. The tree he just cut down was HOA property. Had the “real estate agent” called the Office, or bothered to look at the CC&R, it would have explained this. We will be sending an invoice for the unauthorized removal of this tree.

674 Tree
The Cedar tree that was cut down without authorization.




No Motor Vehicles Allowed On Common Areas

20160319_120632_resizedThe photo to the left is the remnants of a local moving van backing up to someone’s front door. This was not a pickup truck or a U-Haul, but a moving van composed of a trailer and truck. The ground was wet from the recent heavy rains, which a reasonable person might think would not be an appropriate surface to hold up a vehicle that holds an entire house full of furniture.  In the center of the photo is a drainage area that had standing water in it, another indicator of wet ground.

When I spoke to the individual whose house the mover backed up to, they told me they asked another resident and were told that it was OK to drive a vehicle onto the common area, because they had done the same and no one said anything.  The Notices we have sent out for the past year specifically state that no vehicles are allowed on any Common areas, so I have no idea why someone would think it was permissible.

The only motorized vehicles allowed on our common areas are the maintenance carts and they use the sidewalks as much as possible when the ground is wet. Some areas require them to cross the grass, and they do leave tire tracks on the grass; the maintenance carts weigh about 800 pounds, a significantly lower weight than a fully loaded moving van, a pickup truck, or a U-Haul truck.


Does anyone know who did this?????

I rode with the guys when we picked up trash on Monday and I do not remember seeing this at that time. Had I seen it, I am sure I would remember. So this happened sometime Tuesday or today.

The tree pictured here is a 40+ year old Oak tree, located on East Mountain Lane, that we chose not to have trimmed at the recommendation of a Certified Arborist who said it did not need trimming.

It WAS a very nice looking tree; until this happened. We were told there were some “broken limbs” that needed to be picked up from a recent storm, and this is what we found; nothing broken but everything was sawed off the tree:

If you know who did this, let us know.

These are not broken; they are sawed off.
Also sawed off
Not broken; sawed off.
Saw marks, not wind damaged.
4-5″ diameter limb, sawed not broken
5-6″ limb sawed

More Easement Damage

When we were out picking up trash this morning, I noticed a large number of ruts along the easements on the East side. I had thought that people couldn’t see the street because of the snow last week. But, what it turned out to be after later inspection, it’s the USPS letter carrier driving along and putting mail into mail boxes, like he was running a rural delivery route.

There is a LOT of damage to our easements, and I am taking this up with the local Postmaster. If anyone sees someone driving on our common areas or easements, please call the Office.

Again, Why do people do this??

One thing certain when the snow falls, it leaves really good tracks when people drive over it.  It would be somewhat understandable if this person did not know the property well; but, these are repeats of tracks made when there was no snow and when it was readily apparent that they were driving across the common area. There is no excuse for this, other than whoever is doing this doesn’t care. This individual ended up on West MC Drive, near where it joins West Creek. Whomever this is, they need to confine their driving to the streets, not the grassy common areas.

Snow tracks