Category: Water Repairs

West Townhouse

Below are photos if the repairs done on West Townhouse following the massive water leak on Monday.

This is the repair done sometime late Monday evening, after the City repaired the 6″ line:

This is the second repair made after they removed the asphalt from Monday:

As you can see from the minimal space to get past this repair,cars/trucks are having to drive over the grass to get through. Problem is, there is a fire hydrant right behind the fence, about a foot from the tire tracks. I have addressed this concern with the City and I am not sure how they will respond to it.

Until the street is properly repaired, the City may block off that section so residents will have to access that end of the street from W Mountain Cree Drive (the double drive). I will keep you advised once I hear more.

Water Leak

We have a water leak on West Townhouse Lane, in the middle of the street. It is a 6 inch line feeding the fire hydrants, so there is a lot of water coming out. The City has been notified and we are not sure when they will get this fixed.  Below are photos of the leak area, which looks like a river.

Water leak, West Creek Lane

While a homeowner was having some foundation/sewer work done, their workmen hit a 2″ water line, causing a large water leak.

We had to shut off the water to stop further water loss, water we all pay for. We do not have a time frame as yet on when they will fix the issue. We will keep you advised.

Water Repairs Tomorrow

We will be doing repairs on the 2″ water meter located near E. Mountain Creel Court and Warrior Trail. Water will be shut off at 9 AM on Wednesday morning

The properties impacted by this repair are 58 to 92 East Mountain Creek Court. We will have the water back on as soon as possible.

Water Leak, East side

We gave yet another water leak on the East side, right at a cut-off valve.

The meter/shut off for the supply is between Mountain Creek Court and Mountain Creek Drive, so portions of both will be affected.

We will be repairing it before lunch time so water will be off for a while.

Water Leak, East Side

We have a leak we just found that will affect East Mountain Creek Drive, from 2-30 and from 62-76, even numbers only.

It is a 2″ pipe as it leaves the meter so we want to fix it ASAP.

We hope to have the water back on as soon as possible.

Water Leaks, West side

It seems we have 2 more leaks on the West side, on West Townhouse and West MC Drive, where they are opposite each other, towards the woods.  Both leaks appear to be on the same meter/supply line, so portions of both streets will be without water while we effect repairs.

The lack of rain lately has caused ground motion/cracking and it is damaging the water lines.  These will make 4 leaks in 2 days. We cannot see everything so if you notice a possible leak, please let us know.