Listed below are our new homeowner Welcome  Letter and Quick Start Package, and our Informational Notices that we periodically send out to all homeowners. These are in PDF format and will download when you click on them.

New Homeowner Quick Start Welcome Package

Welcome letter

Quick Start Package

(The welcome package is a condensed version of our Governing Documents and other information. For complete information, please refer to our Governing Documents listed in the above Menu)

GPMCHA Information Notices

These notices are sent out periodically to all 416 properties in an effort to remind new renters and homeowners of the HOA rules they (and their visitors/guests) must follow:

Notice July 2023

Notice June 2022

Notice November 2021

Notice June 2021

Notice September 2020

Notice September 2019

Notice February 2019

Notice Items July 2018

Notice Items November 2017

Notice Items May 2017

Notice Items April 2016

Notice Items November 2015

Notice Items April 2015

Notice Items December 2014

Notice Items June 2014