I rode with the guys when we picked up trash on Monday and I do not remember seeing this at that time. Had I seen it, I am sure I would remember. So this happened sometime Tuesday or today.

The tree pictured here is a 40+ year old Oak tree, located on East Mountain Lane, that we chose not to have trimmed at the recommendation of a Certified Arborist who said it did not need trimming.

It WAS a very nice looking tree; until this happened. We were told there were some “broken limbs” that needed to be picked up from a recent storm, and this is what we found; nothing broken but everything was sawed off the tree:

If you know who did this, let us know.

These are not broken; they are sawed off.
Also sawed off
Not broken; sawed off.
Saw marks, not wind damaged.
4-5″ diameter limb, sawed not broken
5-6″ limb sawed