Category: Illegal Dumping

Several Things

We are posting this because previous individual posts regarding these items have gone unseen or are being disregarded.

  1. People throwing trash all over common property. In some cases, these are school kids returning home from the school buses letting them out, and in many other cases, adults driving through property or emptying out the car into the visitor lots.  We find all manner of food wrappers and foam products all over as well as beer bottles and cans.  We spend hours picking up trash around the property several days a week and still people trash the place out with complete impunity.
  2. Large numbers of dog owners are not picking up after their dogs when walking them on common property, some are very large dogs. No one likes stepping in dog poop, and we do not like driving around the property in the Gators and having it get caught in the tires. We have kids playing here and the place is loaded with “lawn mines”. Please pick up after your dogs! It is easier to do that than to risk a fine from the HOA and/or the City.
  3. I called PD today because I saw two guys loitering around on the East side and hiding their faces when I drove past them. That is usually a sign they are up to no good.  We have had recent problems with home break-ins and package thefts, among other things. Please notify the Police if you see suspicious folks wandering around our property.  We have to remain vigilant and keep an eye on our surroundings.
  4. Fire Lanes – we still have many residents and their visitors who park vehicles in the fire lane. That is always illegal and will get you either fined or towed. Although our governing documents mention that service and delivery vehicles can park in the street during regular business hours, all of our streets are clearly marked Fire Lanes. Fire Code is very specific about what vehicles are allowed to be in the Fire Lane. Those vehicles are Police, Fire or Ambulances on official business.  So, any other vehicle parked in the Fire Lanes that is not Police, Fire or Ambulance on official business is at risk of fines, towing and/or impounding.  Police can write citations for parking in the fire lane, as well.
  5. We have also had recent incidents of people dumping stuff on HOA property, such as old furniture and dumping an old refrigerator in the front flower bed of their townhouse.  Dumping is illegal, to say the least, and we do get the City involved in most instances.  If you have a large item you need to dispose of, call the Office and we will make arrangements to get it properly picked up. We do not, however, deal with large home appliances such as refrigerators/ freezers.

More on the West Townhouse Illegal Dumping

After contacting the GP Illegal Dumping and talking with Mr. Graves from Code Enforcement over the past few days, he was able to locate the individuals who dumped near 47 West Townhouse Lane.  We were able to provide 4-5 minutes of surveillance video provided by a resident that clearly showed these 2 individuals, their vehicle, and their dog. The story I heard was they borrowed the F-150 from one of the guy’s brother and he was contacted by GP Dumping, based on license plate information. He in turn pointed to the guys who used the vehicle to move, and they were contacted.

These 2 individuals came back out today to remove the dumped items. I would guess the City Code Enforcement officer admonished them both and put them on notice that any further dumping will put them at the top of the list of suspects. We think they might have been the same people who dumped some tree limbs late last year near the creek next to the cemetery.

Any homeowner who observes people dumping on our property should call the Office at the number listed above.

Illegal Dumping on the West Side, Again

Dump site

We have what appears to be a repeat of recent illegal dumping, and perhaps the same individual doing it.  It was reported to the City Code Enforcement office and they will be out today to have a look at the site. The location of recent dumping is along the woods on West Townhouse Lane. The offending vehicle was a white F-150 pickup, and a resident did get the license plate. According to the city employee we spoke with, the plate comes back to a pickup from the Cedar Hill or Desoto area.

If anyone has surveillance video of the junction of West Townhouse/West Mountain Creek Drive or saw this vehicle dumping on private property, please call the Office.