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The Pool will open today at 1 PM

We have been operating on bad information which led us to believe we had to have the Inspector approve us to open, but after calling and speaking with the Manager of Environmental Services, I was informed we did not have to wait for the Inspector to open the pool. They will simply show up unannounced, as they have always done.

Somehow, whoever we spoke with previously at this same department gave us bogus information, which has now been cleared up.


2023 Pool Season

We are planning on opening the Pool for the Memorial Day weekend, but as of this writing, the City inspector has not yet come by to approve the opening. They tend to not make appointments and just show up.

We are ready and have been for some time. As soon as we have the approval to open, we will post the operating schedule.

Pool Update

Repairs on the pool will begin early next week and we should be back open within few weeks.

This is best estimate based on what they need to do, starting with chipping out 2 or 3 layers of plaster over the entire area of the pool to get to the base layer, and then apply a new layer of plaster over that. It will take days for the new layer to properly cure before we can open the pool for swimmers.

We will keep you updated as things progress.

Current Pool Issues

This past weekend, we determined there were a lot of separations in the pool plaster, the last of which was done in 2014.  I spoke with the pool company that re-plastered it last time and was told there are probably 2 or more layers beneath the last one. His suggestion is that we have all of the layers of plaster removed, down to the base material, and then re-plaster the pool.

At this time, we are awaiting the quote for this work and in the meanwhile, the pool will be closed until we can get these repairs done. We will let everyone know when this work is scheduled and the approximate completion date.

Below is a link to a Dropbox folder with some photos of the problem areas, These are not all of the problem areas, just a sampling of them.

Pool Opens May 28th after all……

You just cannot make this stuff up.  After emailing the emergency phone company earlier today and getting a service call scheduled for Saturday, we got a call later on that someone would be out today.  And, someone was; it happened to be a vice-president of the company. It seems the problem was a circuit board which was replaced, along with changing the cellular carrier. All is well with the emergency phone.

So, our CPO (Certified Pool Operator) calls the city inspector and we were given the approval to open. The inspector will be visiting again to verify the phone repairs.

We will open Saturday, May 28th, at 11 AM as originally scheduled.

Pool Update

After an email sent to the emergency phone people, they called a bit ago and said they can have a tech out on Saturday, the 28th.  Not sure when exactly, just sometime during the day. Not sure if the inspector works on the weekend or not, but we can try getting her back out here.

We will keep you updated as things change.

Pool Opening Postponed

We had every intent on opening the Pool on the 28th, however, when the inspector came out yesterday to check things out, the emergency phone was not working. So, the pool did not pass inspection. Out of all the things they look at, this is the only problem. It means we cannot open the pool as we had hoped.

We contacted the emergency phone people several times and the fastest they can get here to fix it is May 31st.  We are trying to prod them along to get them here sooner but there are no guarantees.

We will keep you advised.