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Pool Opens May 28th after all……

You just cannot make this stuff up.  After emailing the emergency phone company earlier today and getting a service call scheduled for Saturday, we got a call later on that someone would be out today.  And, someone was; it happened to be a vice-president of the company. It seems the problem was a circuit board which was replaced, along with changing the cellular carrier. All is well with the emergency phone.

So, our CPO (Certified Pool Operator) calls the city inspector and we were given the approval to open. The inspector will be visiting again to verify the phone repairs.

We will open Saturday, May 28th, at 11 AM as originally scheduled.

Pool Update

After an email sent to the emergency phone people, they called a bit ago and said they can have a tech out on Saturday, the 28th.  Not sure when exactly, just sometime during the day. Not sure if the inspector works on the weekend or not, but we can try getting her back out here.

We will keep you updated as things change.

Pool Opening Postponed

We had every intent on opening the Pool on the 28th, however, when the inspector came out yesterday to check things out, the emergency phone was not working. So, the pool did not pass inspection. Out of all the things they look at, this is the only problem. It means we cannot open the pool as we had hoped.

We contacted the emergency phone people several times and the fastest they can get here to fix it is May 31st.  We are trying to prod them along to get them here sooner but there are no guarantees.

We will keep you advised.

2022 Pool Season

The Pool will open on Saturday, May 28th, at 11 AM.

Pool Hours

Subject to change as needed

Monday                   Open on Memorial Day from 11 AM to 9 PM, otherwise, the Pool is closed on Mondays

Tuesday                   Closed following Memorial Day for maintenance, otherwise, 11 AM to 9 PM

Wednesday             11 AM to 6 PM      Adult Swim from 6:00 PM to 9 PM

Thursday                 Closed for Maintenance

Friday                      11 AM to 9 PM

Saturday                 11 AM to 9 PM

Sunday                   12:00 Noon  to 8:00 PM

Please come to the Office to get your 2022 Pool Passes which are the same price as last year. 

No one is allowed into the Pool enclosure without a valid Pool Pass.

Memorial Day Schedule


The Office and Maintenance will be closed on Monday, May 31, in observance of Memorial Day. We will not pick up trash on Monday, so please do not set it out.

Trash will be picked up on Tuesday, June 1st.

The pool will be open on Memorial day from 11 AM to 9 PM.  Please come into the office to get your pool pass. Without a pool pass, you cannot enter the pool area.

Pool opens on Memorial Day

The Pool will open on Monday, May 31st at 11 AM and then begin the usual schedule. Please remember to get your Pool Passes from the Office. Without a 2021 Pool Pass, you can’t enter the pool area.

We will also be accepting reservations for the BBQ area at the rear of the pool for gatherings.  Please come to the Office to make reservations and pay the $25 BBQ area deposit.  If the area remains clean after your event, the $25 will be refunded.

Regarding COVID-19, each individual who uses the pool does so with the understanding that they are responsible for their own mitigating practices to avoid the virus.   The pandemic has not gone away just because Texans are no longer mandated to wear a mask in public.  But, please follow CDC guidelines.

Wearing a face mask inside the pool enclosure is advised for your safety and the safety of others as a matter of courtesy.

2021 Pool Schedule

As discussed at the last Board meeting, we will be opening the Pool on Memorial Day, May 31st. For hours of operation, see Pool Schedule/Rules. 

Due to the continued presence of the COVID-19 virus in Dallas County, there will be some restrictions on the maximum number allowed in the pool area, etc..

The Health and Safety of our residents and their guests are of tantamount importance.

We will be publishing these restrictions within the next few weeks after consulting with the appropriate health entities.

2020 Pool Opening Postponed

Due to COVID-19 restrictions per the City of Grand Prairie and concern for the health and safety of our members we will not be opening the Pool for Memorial Day, 2020.

At this time, we do not have a projected opening date for the Pool.