As most of our homeowners are now aware, the HOA’s Declaration (CC&R) requires proof that you have a “cost to replace” policy on your home. This level of insurance has been a requirement of our Declaration since this subdivision came into being in 1970 or 1971.  To date, about 75% of our 416 homeowners have responded and provided the documents requested.  We did sent out Warning letters on January 2nd to those who have not provided requisite documentation and giving them 15 days within which to provide it. Last week, we started sending out certified letters to some of these individuals indicating they will be fined, per our Fines and Enforcement Policy, for not providing this information as required by our Declaration. Some throw out these Warning notices, which does not change the fact that they were sent out.

Just to be clear, Renters Insurance and Condominium Insurance does not meet the requirements.  Actual cash value insurance is also inadequate. Homeowners must have full replacement coverage for the dwelling itself.

We will be sending out another group of certified Fine letters to the those homeowners who have still not provided the documents which have been requested more than 3 times.