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Expired Registration or Parking Permits

Over the past few days, Excalibur Towing has been removing vehicles from our visitor lots that have expired registration.  This is not a recent rule for the visitor lots; it has been around for a very long time.  In addition, we have towed a vehicle for an expired Parking Permit.  Just like with vehicle registration, it is your responsibility to assure that these items are renewed prior to its expiration.

Reminder: We Are Towing Violators From the Visitor Lots

It seems we need to remind people that we do have a Visitor Lot Parking Permit program which went into effect on July 1, 2015. This policy was mailed to every homeowner on record because the homeowner needed to fill out the application and get the permits. Initially, we had a total of 37 parking spots we were going to rent located on both sides of the complex. We did not have an exuberant response at all with the applications trickling in.

We also noticed that we still have people with 3 or 4 vehicles who never applied for a permit when they did meet the requirements to do so.  We have issued 4 Notices over the past year which reiterate that the Visitor Lots are for Visitors Only, and yet, we have people who continue to park there who are not visitors.

86_resizedI have heard some residents say they were never given any notice prior to their vehicle getting towed; the sign to the left is the Notice.  These signs have been here for decades, but no one seems to believe they mean much. We had one resident who took us to Tow Court (Justice of the Peace ) and the Judge asked if the plaintiff had read this sign, meaning that this sign does serve as legal notice; the Judge interpreted it to mean exactly as it is written and the plaintiff lost the case. These signs have been up long enough to get faded and were replaced last year, so folks should be well familiar with them.

The Board of Directors recently revised the Visitor Lot Parking Permit Policy, the modified version went into effect on January 1, 2016. We changed a few minor points, but not the requirements necessary to get a permit. You can get a copy of these from the Menu above, under Governing Documents.  We are also mailing out a copy of this revised policy to all property addresses. This policy, and all Governing Documents, are also filed with the Dallas County Clerk’s Office which makes them a matter of public record.

We will be randomly patrolling both sides of the property and will provide one warning only to violators. If you have already received a written Warning letter from the office regarding parking in the visitor lots you have been properly notified and no further warnings will be issued.



The Visitor Lot 48 Hour Rule

There was a vehicle towed today from a visitor lot for violating the 48 hour rule as posted on the signs. The vehicle belongs to a homeowner/tenant and had been tagged for being in the lot for 4 days. The tag was removed, which does not negate the violation.

Just so we are clear, the Board defines the 48 hour rule as parking in any visitor lot for more than 48 hours. Moving a vehicle over one or two spaces or to another visitor lot changes nothing. The posted 48 hour limit for parking in a visitor lot  means just that. These lots are for Visitor Parking Only which is also posted on the signs. This vehicle could have been towed for either reason because it was not authorized to park there.

Violating the Association’s parking rules will result in your vehicle being towed. You can find these rules by clicking on Governing Documents, above.



17 Visitor Parking Permits Still Available

Out of the 37 Visitor Parking spaces approved by the Board for 6 month or 3 month rental, we have only had 20 residents apply for a permit, and only about 10 who have come in and picked up their parking sticker.  We still have 17 rental spaces available if someone wants to fill out an application.

But, we will be towing unauthorized vehicles from the Visitor Lots in the very near future. Please apply for a permit; it is much cheaper than a $300 towing fee.

Parking Permits

Homeowners who have been approved for Visitor Parking Permits need to come pick up their stickers ASAP.  We still have over 10 homeowners who have not paid and gotten their stickers.

One final warning will be placed on vehicles in the visitor lots that we know belong to owners or tenants and these vehicles will be towed beginning next week.

More than ample warnings have been given since 2014, so you cannot honestly say you are unaware that you cannot park there. Signs have been up for many years stating the Visitor lots are for Visitors Only.  We have already notified Excalibur Towing and will be ready to begin towing these unauthorized vehicles.

We still have Permits available for those who meet the qualifications. Come to the Office and fill out an application form.


Parking Permit Stickers and Towing

We have had only 5 homeowners who were approved for Parking Permits actually come into the Office to pay for and pick up their Permit stickers. Another 12-14  were sent their Approval letter almost 2 weeks ago and have not been in to pay and pick up their stickers.

We have given ample warnings since 2014 and will do one final warning for those vehicles which continually abuse the visitor lots. Starting in September, we will tow those vehicles which do not have a visible parking permit and/or violate the parking policy for the Visitor Lots.  This is what will be placed on offending vehicles:

This vehicle is parked on the Private Property of the Grand Prairie Mountain Creek HOA, Inc. (the Association) and is in a Visitor Parking Only lot. Unless you are an actual Visitor to the property, you are not authorized to park in this lot.

The Association has sent out notices since April 2014 advising all homeowners/residents that their cars will be towed if they park their vehicles in the Visitor Parking Only lots. Signs are also posted in this regard.

This will be your final warning. Continuing to park your vehicle(s) in visitor parking will result in towing at your expense.