We have had only 5 homeowners who were approved for Parking Permits actually come into the Office to pay for and pick up their Permit stickers. Another 12-14  were sent their Approval letter almost 2 weeks ago and have not been in to pay and pick up their stickers.

We have given ample warnings since 2014 and will do one final warning for those vehicles which continually abuse the visitor lots. Starting in September, we will tow those vehicles which do not have a visible parking permit and/or violate the parking policy for the Visitor Lots.  This is what will be placed on offending vehicles:

This vehicle is parked on the Private Property of the Grand Prairie Mountain Creek HOA, Inc. (the Association) and is in a Visitor Parking Only lot. Unless you are an actual Visitor to the property, you are not authorized to park in this lot.

The Association has sent out notices since April 2014 advising all homeowners/residents that their cars will be towed if they park their vehicles in the Visitor Parking Only lots. Signs are also posted in this regard.

This will be your final warning. Continuing to park your vehicle(s) in visitor parking will result in towing at your expense.