At the regular June 4th and special June 18th Board meetings, the Board voted to approve a modification to our Visitor Parking rules. No, the original rules that have been in place for decades have not changed, meaning Visitor Parking areas are still solely for Visitors to the subdivision. In the last 3 Notices that were sent out to all property addresses, the Visitor Parking rules were once again detailed and yet many of our homeowners and their tenants have chosen to not follow them.

The Board of Directors approved a program which will allow a VERY limited number (37) of our visitor parking spots to be rented out to residents. The main details have been finalized and we will be selecting a committee to oversee the process, headed by a Board member.  We are sending out notices to all property owners within the next week detailing this program, its restrictions, implementation, and enforcement. We will use an identifier on approved vehicles, but all this approved parking identification will accomplish is prevent that one approved vehicle from being towed out of the Visitor Lots. Any unapproved vehicle in any Visitor Parking lot still bears the same risk of towing, per our long-established Parking rules.

The only parking spaces that any homeowner has a right to use are the two spaces in the carport on your property. Paying your dues, your taxes or other excuses made when confronted about abusing the visitor parking lots will not change the rules that exist.

Make no mistake, we WILL tow your vehicle(s) if you violate our parking rules. Failure to follow Board approved rules or regulations also violates our Declaration and can result in fines or other actions.

To refresh yourself on our Parking rules, here’s the link.