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Excalibur Towing

We signed with Dave’s Hiway Wrecker back in June of 2014.  As a result of their City contract, slow response times and other issues, we decided to terminate the service agreement we had with them effective today, January 25th. We went back with Excalibur Towing, a company the Association had used from 2009 until 2014.

The reason we stopped using Excalibur is that they were told by our former “Office Manager” that they had permission to go under carports to check for expired registration or inspections. Many of you may remember this fiasco, as mentioned by several homeowners at  a few Board meetings.  All carports are Private Property and only the City can tow from under a carport after giving proper notifications.  Overall, Excalibur did a really good job patrolling our subdivision and only due to unauthorized instructions by a former employee did things go wrong.

Over the next few days, Excalibur will be replacing all of the Tow company signs at all entrances and will begin patrols overnight and throughout the day. They have been given specific written instructions to never go under any carports, for any reason.

They will give 10-15 minutes for people loading or unloading while parked in the Fire Lanes to move their vehicles prior to towing them.  Excalibur will patrol the Visitor Parking lots and will enforce our 48 Hour time limits after tagging vehicles; removing these tags will not change anything, they take photos after tagging vehicles. Excalibur will immediately tow vehicles that are parked in our Visitor lots that have expired tags or inspections stickers.

Signs has been recently updated to assure that both visitors and residents are aware of the time limits and other restrictions we have on our Visitor lots.


Visitor Parking and Fire Lanes – A Reminder

I went to the Office today and saw a pickup truck and trailer taking up all 4 Visitor Parking spots on the East side of the complex. This is but one recent example, many others have occurred in the past few months.  So, I drove over there and had a look.  There was a handwritten sign on the passenger window:


Owning a home and paying your dues does not let you park where ever you want.  To refresh our memories, the Parking Rules for this Subdivision are below:

Parking Rules & Regulations

1. No parking in designated fire lanes.
2. No parking on any grassy area designated as either Easement or Common Area.
3. Visitors Lots

a. 48 hour parking limit.
b. no boats or recreational vehicles may be stored in these lots.
c. no tractors or trailers may be parked in these lots.
d. no inoperative vehicles may be parked in these lots
(this includes expired inspection stickers and expired license plates)
e. no over-hauling of vehicles
f. Visitors Lots are for the use of Visitors – not Owners or Tenants

Our current Towing policy is to tag the offending vehicle first and give the violator sufficient time (24 hours, except for Fire Lane violations) to remedy the situation. However, if the violator does not remedy the violation within that time frame, the vehicle will be towed at the owners expense.  The tow drivers will document everything with pictures in the event the tow is challenged.

Fire Lane violations will have a very small window of time to move their vehicles or they will get towed. We have instructed the tow drivers to give around 15-20 minutes for those unloading cars or helping a loved one inside.  The Association has spent time and money to re-stripe the streets and have bought signs to go up on fences indicating that it is a Fire Lane/Tow Away Zone.