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Meeting with HOA Attorney

There is an Special Meeting with Mr. Jeff Lacy, the HOA’s attorney, scheduled for Monday, February 10th at 7PM in the Association Office. This meeting is open to all homeowners.

The topic of discussion will be the Ballots and Proxies utilized in the upcoming Board Election on March 26, 2014.


Regular Board Meeting – February 6th, 2014

Our next Board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 6th and will be held at the HOA Office. The meeting will begin at 7PM.

Meeting Agenda:

  • Introduction of the Board to Homeowners in attendance
  • Reading of the Minutes from December 5th, 2013 meeting.
  • Financial report.
  • Maintenance report.
  • Report from the Chairman of the Nominating Committee (Upcoming Board Election)
  • Open the Floor to Homeowners for comments and concerns.
  • Adjournment of Meeting.