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New West Creek Lane Paving and People Driving On It

It seems we have some individuals who believe they can move the barricades on the newly paved sections and drive on them.  This has happened 3 or 4 times already. Anyone driving on this barricaded concrete and causing any damage to it will have a heavy price to pay. This section of roadway cost the Association over $30,000 and we have no problem charging a homeowner, tenant or visitor for damaging this or any Association property.

I would recommend that those individuals moving these barricades leave them alone and in place until Monday, the 26th, just like previous posts have indicated. To do otherwise may prove expensive.

West Creek Paving Work

The properties affected by this paving work are 14-32 West Creek Lane.  That portion of West Creek will be unusable from January 12 to January 26 (2 weeks) while that portion of the street is removed and replaced. Most of the homes on West Creek will be available by using the Mountain Creek Drive entrance, while the first part of West Creek can use the same entrance. Only the portion being replaced will be blocked off until the concrete has had time to cure properly. With the weather being cold it will take a bit longer to cure.

Anyone residing at 14 to 32 West Creek Lane needs to stop by the Office for a Parking Pass, so you can use the Visitors Lots while the road is being done. We will also inform the Towing company to leave these vehicles alone in the interim.

We ask that you refrain from parking in the Fire Lanes unless absolutely necessary. The City might tow your vehicle. Our towing company has been instructed to only tow from the West Creek area if they are called to do so.  They have also been told about the Temporary Parking passes.

Paving Schedule for a Portion of West Creek Lane

Beginning this Friday, January 9th, work will begin on the removal and paving of a 200 Ft x 20 Ft section of West Creek Lane.

  • January 9th – The 200 ft x 20 ft section being replaced will be saw cut in preparation for removal
  • January 12th – Removal of the 1/2 if the Saw cut sections (100 ft long x 10 ft wide)
  • January 13th – New section (1/2) will be poured in concrete
    • It will take 3 or 4 days to properly cure. No one may drive or walk on this section until it is fully cured
  • January 19th – Second section will be removed
  • January 20th – New section (other 1/2) will be poured
    • It will take 3 or 4 days to properly cure. No one may drive or walk on this section until it is fully cured

We will put out written notices of this schedule to all addresses affected by this street replacement and will also make arrangements for those affected to have somewhere to park their vehicles.

The 2015 Budget and December Notice

The Board has voted and accepted the Budget for 2015. The Budget, Budget Letter and a 2 page Notice for December are currently at the printers.  All 4 pages will be mailed out next week to all homeowners.

The December Notice details several continued issues within the subdivision, and once again requests all homeowners to update their contact information including mailing address, email address, and a current phone number.

The monthly Dues for 2015 will remain $158.00 and $148 for those with Security lights on the end of their homes. This does not include motion sensor lights under carports; it is only for the 63 homes with the large photoelectric sensor lights on the end of the buildings.

Here’s a link to the Notice Items – December 2014 sent to all homeowners.