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The 2015 Budget and December Notice

The Board has voted and accepted the Budget for 2015. The Budget, Budget Letter and a 2 page Notice for December are currently at the printers.  All 4 pages will be mailed out next week to all homeowners.

The December Notice details several continued issues within the subdivision, and once again requests all homeowners to update their contact information including mailing address, email address, and a current phone number.

The monthly Dues for 2015 will remain $158.00 and $148 for those with Security lights on the end of their homes. This does not include motion sensor lights under carports; it is only for the 63 homes with the large photoelectric sensor lights on the end of the buildings.

Here’s a link to the Notice Items – December 2014 sent to all homeowners.

Capital Improvement Projects Approved

Here’s a list of the Capital Improvement projects from our 2014 budget which were approved by the Board last night:

  • Re-pave part of West Creek Lane – 200′ x 20′ of West Creek will be removed and redone in concrete, with 1/2 of the roadway done at a time so it remains passable. I am told they can cut out and remove the old roadway, re-bed it, add rebar, pour concrete and have the new part of the roadway ready for use in 2 days.
  • New Pool Fence – the existing chain link fence will be replaced with a powder coated fence square tube and welded in sections. The new fence will be installed within the perimeter of the existing fence; once the new fence is completed, the old fence will be removed.
  • Fence along West Creek – The entire fence down West Creek (by the cemetery) will be replaced with a 4 foot tall chain link fence, after the roadway replacement has been completed. Reflectors will be attached so it is visible at night.
  • Fence around storm drain on East Mountain Creek Court – We are reducing the existing fenced in area to 32  feet of fence, mounting it onto the existing concrete pad.  This fence is required for safety and to prevent unauthorized access to this large storm drain.
  • Leasing a New Trash Compactor – Ours compactor is well over 20 years old, was used when we bought it, and is rusting out on the bottom; it has been repaired a number of times over the years. By leasing a new 35 cubic yard compactor, we get an added 5 cubic yards compared to our existing one, plus wear and tear maintenance is covered.

We will be sending out separate notices to all affected homeowners on West Creek Lane once we have the paving and fence work scheduled.