Utility Work on the West Side

J&S Underground Networks are starting work today to install conduits for new underground power cables.

This work will be from West Creek Lane to West Mountain Lane between the transformers.  If they are doing it like they did on the East side, they will get the new conduits and cables in place at the transformers to minimize the downtime without power while they swap cables.


Addition to Pool Rules

Due to a recent event, we have added a new item to our current Pool Rules.

Absolutely no plug-in devices (120 volt) will be allowed within the pool area.

All 120 volt outlets within the pool fence are for HOA Pool staff use, such as the Auto Vac or fans for our Pool Monitors.

These outlets are not for electric grills, radios, or other 120 volt items brought into the pool area by homeowners and/or their guests.


More Electrical Work on West Side

J&S Underground Networks, Inc. and Pike Electric will be on property next week doing some extensive work on the underground electrical cables running across the entire West side of the property, from West Creek Lane to West Mountain Lane.

They are replacing the feeder cables between transformers, and in some cases, the transformer itself. Most of these cables and some equipment are the original installed in the early 1970’s. Conduits will be installed with a hydraulic boring machine so they can more easily replace cables in future.

They estimate they will be working for a little over a week.

Pool is Open

The Pool will open today at 11 AM. We will be open on Thursday, this week only, to make up for being closed over the weekend.  We then go back  to the usual schedule of being closed on trash days, Monday and Thursday,

Property Insurance Info Required


We still have a large number of homeowners who have not provided us with their current insurance information.  We need a copy of your insurance renewal each and every year.

Just telling us it renewed is insufficient and does not fulfill your requirement to provide proof of cost to replace insurance.

We will be sending out postcards like the one shown within the next week or so. We have fined those who do not provide the required information and will do so again, as a violation of the CC&R.

These fines can be expensive and can result in a lien on your property if left unpaid.

This is easily avoided by providing us a copy of the Declaration page showing the coverage year.



Pool Closed

The Pool will be closed until further notice due to a mechanical problem with the sand filter. The bypass valve is leaking badly and allowing water to bypass into the drains, instead of through the filters. There is enough water being bypassed that we cannot refill the pool fast enough. We do not want to burn out the 2 pumps, which cost about $1,200 each.

We hope to get the parts required to fix the valve on Monday. We will keep you advised.