2018 Pool Season

The Pool will be opening on May 25th at 3 PM.  Pool season closes on September 3rd, Labor Day.

There is a change to the cost for pool passes, however. We are now charging $10 per year for a pool pass, per household.

Those who have already paid their $5 for a previous pool pass will only need to pay another $5 for the 2018 pass. Those members that have never had a pool pass before will need to pay $10.

We will continue to change the pool passes every year. Ours is a private pool for the sole use of our HOA members and their guests.

Recent Dog Bite Incident

On Thursday, May 3, 2018, we had an incident on the West side involving a homeowner’s 2 dogs getting loose from the back yard and causing a bite injury to a USPS letter carrier. These particular dogs have gotten out before (numerous times), chased people in the vicinity, and GP Animal Services has been working with the owner to resolve this ongoing issue. On the day of the dog bite, both the Police and Animal Services responded to the location and the dog in question was taken by Animal Services and placed in a 10 day quarantine.

I spoke with an Animal Services officer yesterday and was told that if this dog shows no signs of rabies while in their possession, it will be returned to the owner. This is not the desired outcome for those who live near this address and these dogs. She also mentioned that GP does not restrict certain breeds of dogs; that told me what breed it was without asking.

The HOA is addressing this from several directions and this paragraph comes from the CC&R, Section 8.3, Restricted Activities, and refers animals on property: (emphasis added)

however, those pets which are permitted to roam free, or, in the sole discretion of the Board, make objectionable noise, endanger the health or safety of, or constitute a nuisance or inconvenience to the occupants of other Lots shall be removed upon request of the Board. If the pet owner fails to honor such request, the Board may remove the pet.

We all know how badly owners who purposefully allow loose and wandering dogs upset me, but this pales in comparison. The next informational notice we send out this month will include something about animals on property as it seems to be a growing issue. I know of several addresses which leave aggressive dogs in the back yard and the possibility of another dog bite exists, and next time it might be a child, not the postman.

Anyone who keeps aggressive dogs within their property needs to be certain the animal is property contained, the gate secured and if the dog is allowed to go in and out through a doggie door, please lock your gates from the outside. One of our maintenance guys entered a back yard to do repairs prior to painting and was met by a large dog coming through the doggie door. The owner neither secured the doggie door or the gate, which could have ended in another dog bite.

If you own dogs, you need to be a responsible owner. If you choose to have an aggressive dog capable of causing serious injury, make sure it is secured properly so it does not cause harm to other people. A lock is much less expensive than a civil suit.



From NTTA: Bridge Closure

Full Closure of Mountain Creek Lake Bridge May 4 – May 5

In April, crews began a yearlong project to upgrade the Mountain Creek Lake Bridge, including the replacement of the Toll Gantry. This weekend, the existing gantry will need to be demolished for work to continue.

To complete this work, east and westbound bridge traffic will be closed from 10 p.m. Friday, May 4, through 8 p.m. Saturday, May 5. During this time, traffic will be detoured south to Interstate 20.

If you have additional questions, please contact NTTA directly via email at projects@ntta.org or by calling 972-628-3134. You can also visit www.ntta.org to see a list of current and upcoming closures related to this project.

More Syringes Found on West Side

We found another uncapped syringe in front of the Office yesterday, in the parking lot. The needle was exposed; there is no telling what was in the syringe. I have notified the GP Police about these syringes and they seem to have added some patrols here.

However, this subdivision is our home and this is our community.

We all need to get more involved in making it a safe place to live by calling in when we see suspicious activities. Many folks know they can sit off somewhere on property and not be readily seen from the main roads. We see them several times a week; I call the Police to check them out and a few trespassers have been arrested for a variety of things.

Report suspicious cars and/or people wandering around that you do not know to the GPPD Non-emergency number   972-237-8790


GP Pipeline

The newest GP Pipeline has been posted.

May 5, 2018
Election to Amend the City Charter
The City Charter for Grand Prairie currently restricts City Council from granting a lease or franchise of City property for more than 30 years without city voter approval. Proposition A on the May 5 election ballot will ask voters to consider eliminating that restriction.
Early voting is April 23-May 1
Election day is 7 a.m.-7 p.m. Saturday, May 5
For more voting information and a complete listing of polling locations, go to www.gptx.org/election, or call 972-237-8035.