Suspicious Persons/Vehicles

Last week, we have several suspicious vehicles parked on property, on both sides of the subdivision.  In one case, a man was sleeping in his car on the West side, backed in, and no plate displayed. So, we called the Police to come check him out. It is not the first time someone has been sleeping in a car in one of our visitor lots.  In other cases, they had drugs with them and were arrested. This last case, he was contacted by PD and was supposedly visiting someone here.

More recently, there was a car parked on the East side, occupied 4 times, and they were also backed in. I tend to notice backed in cars more, especially when there is no front plate or registration visible. It was rather obvious that these 4 young men were smoking weed, the smell kinda gave it away. They appeared to be high school age and I did call the Police to check them out. They left shortly before the officer arrived but I did get them a description of the vehicle and occupants.

I am advising our residents of this issue because our 22 acre subdivision is private property and some folks who do not reside here use it sell or use drugs, drop off stolen cars and have sex in cars.  Since we are off the main city streets, they think they are invisible here. If you see someone wandering around property or a vehicle that just does not look right, please call GPPD on the non-emergency number, 972-237-8790 and report any suspicious activity. I have requested GPPD to increase patrols through the property.

Large Item Pickup

We have a large item pickup scheduled as follows:

West Side Only – January 31

East Side Only – February 7

We will NOT pick up Hazardous Waste (as classified by the City of GP) including, but not limited to:




PayPal Button Menu Changed

We have changed the PayPal button on the left to reflect the 2019 assessment dues. Please remember that the added fee is from PayPal for using either a credit or debit card to pay your assessments; we do not get that, PayPal keeps it as a service charge.

You can also use your bank’s Bill Pay to either pay monthly or set it up as Auto-pay. If you already have Bill Pay set up to pay the 2018 monthly dues, please remember to change it to reflect the added $5.00 per month. Dues for 2019 are $177 without a security light and $167 with a security light.

Below is what we call a security light. It must illuminate a large area of the common area adjacent to your property, and is usually mounted on the gables or on a pole, with you providing power to it. Motion sensing lights or other lights under your carport do not qualify.

More on “Flushable” Wipes


On Friday, we noticed water standing near one of the main sewer main hole covers in the common area near East Townhouse Lane. Upon further inspection, we saw this (photo on the left):

The top center shows a wipe poking out of the lifting hole in the cover; the bottom center is a fountain of water coming it of the opposite lift hole. Directly in front of that is another wipe.

This sewer line starts on East Mountain Lane, so whoever is flushing these wipes, despite out asking residents not to flush them, continues to do so. We could not clear it with our power rooter, so we had to call in a Jet truck to clear the lines, at a cost of around $600.

It is one thing to have a sewer blockage due to age and/or build-up of grease; it is another to have people flushing wipes and clogging up a 6 ” line. So, if you use “flushable” wipes, they are not flushable and do not disintegrate as one might think.

In fact, the City of Grand Prairie posted about this on their website in 2016. I already posted this but here it is again:


Keep Wipes Out of City Wastewater System

“Flushable” wipes clog the city’s wastewater system when flushed down the toilet.
Post Date:09/01/2016 12:35 PM

Do you use wet wipes that claim they are flushable? These wipes are actually not flushable and can cause harm to plumbing and wastewater systems because they do not disintegrate after flushing. Instead, they wrap around other flushed wipes and debris, damage pumps at the wastewater plant, and have to be removed from wastewater screens and lift stations.

Wipes also create clogs in main wastewater lines and customer lines that have to be manually removed because fats, oil and grease deposit on them.

Toilet paper disintegrates almost immediately, but the strong-fiber wipes cause havoc in city wastewater lines and at wastewater plants.

When using flushable wipes, please throw them into the trash, and do not flush them down the toilet. This keeps the wastewater lines clear and helps avoid costly clog removal at your home and the wastewater plant.


LED Solar Lights on West Side

We are in the process of adding in solar powered LED lights to illuminate the parking areas on the West side of the subdivision.  These lights are totally solar powered, stay on low power until they detect motion and then it switches to high power for about 30 seconds.  We have one of these currently installed on West Mountain Creek Drive, on the South parking lot. We have 3 more of these lights on order and will be placing them in parking areas on the West side in the next few weeks.