Asphalt Repairs are scheduled this week. On March 17th, Property Paving will be out to saw cut the repair areas and will begin the asphalt repairs on Friday, March 18th.

This will impact the following addresses:

23-29 and 28 to 36, as well as 31-37 and 39-45, as referenced in the map below as the 73×17 foot section in the upper portion of the map and asphalt patches listed in the center of the map. The area will be blocked off during these repairs and residents will need to find alternate places to park their vehicles while the repairs are made.

Concrete repairs on a section of West Townhouse Lane next to the woods will be started on March 22 and the area will not be usable until March 26 when the barricades are removed. Please use alternate access to your properties and avoid this area until the barricades are removed. If you need to park vehicles in the visitor lots, that is acceptable during these repairs.